Lessons Learned 5 Years In

We started Altivex Creative Foundry in mid 2010 with the plan to make a change in the Joburg agency space, employee a few friends and to have some fun.

Few people know this but our co-founders, Roddy and Mushambi initially wanted to start an online delivery system for organic food. Think Uber for vegans. Needless to say, we didn’t know jack about organic food, farming or the logistics surrounding. However, what did stand out was the need to take South Africa online in terms of offering services, e-commerce and mobile capabilities.

If you remember our old site and any of our early content we sold ourselves as doing “All Things Creative” and being your in-house design and creative partner. As any new small business, this led to us doing anything and everything under the sun. We printed business cards, shot a music video, designed the most basic of websites and took on some really bad partnerships. Anything to make a buck and anything to get our name out there.

Looking back that didn’t help us very much. We lost a lot of money, had some really crappy clients, disappointed a few mentors and most importantly didn’t have enough to show for why we originally started the business. The services we were offering weren’t the great value and contribution we could make to our customers.

But we certainly learned.

5 years later we’ve learned a lot.

Experience is priceless.

While we’ve had challenges, our fair share of ups and downs, lost some team members and office space we’ve come to learn what it is that we do best and what makes us happy.

Looking back through our moments of the past several years, the clients and jobs that have really stand out all have a common thread; we built a better business. The jobs we have the most pride in are those that got our project managers a promotion, increased a small businesses turnover or opened up brand new opportunities and revenue potential where none existed before.

Right now, our greatest strength (and joy) is in building better companies. We are really amazing at helping companies growth with our service offering. And this in turn helps us do our jobs even better and enjoy it. No more just answering briefs, RFP’s and tenders. Now we work hand in hand with our clientele to really create change.

At Altivex, our sweet spot is in taking all of our capabilities, whether it be in digital strategy, web design, social media to put together beautifully designed experiences that can help a business or product reach the next level.

Our ethos is now firmly rooted. We’re addicted to gadgets and using the newest, latest most interesting technology to think innovatively. We use digital solutions to drive growth and success. And we do it well.

  • First and foremost we are about insight driven strategy.
  • Our websites are memorable experiences we want people to love to use
  • Our design is intuitive, beautiful and meant to drive maximum interaction
  • Our mobile applications enhance how people communicate with each other and work efficiently
  • Our social media campaigns are rooted in story telling and provoking action

Above all we want to make sure your business and brand grows through the work we do!

We’d love to help you along your journey.

Hit us up now and give us our next challenge!